Bead-It-Forward Quilt Squares

Bead It Forward Squares 2012

Every year I see the Bead-it-Forward Quilt going up for auction and every year I think that it would be a good thing to be a part of. Last year I decided to get involved. Why not? I’m beading anyway, and beading for charity –  even if it is a charity on the other side of the world – is a nice thing to do. Maybe my little contribution will help someone, or maybe it’ll just make someone smile. Either way, it feels like something worth doing :-)

I started out with a really simple pattern that I whipped up with BeadTool4. The pattern itself is fine, but I really should have known better than to use such a bright, entirely colour-lined palette. It looks like the beady version of highlighter scribble. Ahh well :-) Next I tried a Delica square with a pattern from AmyBeads, who provides some really fantastic square patterns for use in the quilt. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to use some of those mountains of silky beads that I bought in the Maria George clearance sales. It looked fabulous! After that wonderful success I attempted another AmyBeads pattern. This one suffered from iffy colour choices but still turned out okay.

Bead It Forward Squares 2013

The fourth square I have managed is a little bit of a stretch. It is just a little flower doodle on a dark background. I know it should be feminine and I know it should probably have a light background to meld in with the other squares, but I liked it. I’m submitting it anyway. Maybe it’ll find a home in a quilt of more outrageous colour choices :-) I didn’t manage a photo of it until I was trying to get them all stuck down and posted off, so you get to see my fabulous sticky tape skills too :-)

Bead it Forward Quilt Posting 2012

Even though it is a little late now, I thought I would share my patterns. Please be respectful and credit me if you use them. They aren’t a patch on some of the other ones out there but maybe it’ll inspire some other people to have a go at beading their own quilt square next time, or even just designing oodles of patterns so other people can bead up a storm. Keep an eye on the Bead it Forward Quilt page for details and submission dates, as well as the new theme for 2013!

Pink Doodled Flower Orange Tulip



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